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OHTO Graphic Liner 005

29 Mar

The OHTO Graphic Liner is a very interesting pen.  I have yet to come across the G.L. for sale in the USA online but I saw this one at a Japanese bookstore and had to have it.  It is a pigment-ink graphic pen with a rollerball at the tip instead of the usual felt or plastic.  I’m really not sure why this pen doesn’t get much attention because it is truly a top-notch instrument.  If  a super-fine rollerball was crossed with a Sakura Pigma Micron, the end result would resemble something like the Graphic Liner.

Some of the finer points in life

I love the concept of a rollerball pigment-ink pen.  I get the same advantages that I would have with a Micron (near-instantaneous drying, no bleed, dark black, waterproof) but without the drag causes by a felt or plastic tip striking the surface of paper like a wooden match.  The tip moves freely in all directions, at many different angles, and has yet to skip on me.  005 here is the same as it would be on another pigment liner and the OHTO puts out an extremely consistant 005 line with minimal spreading–even with a slow writing speed.  Another pigment roller, the Pentel Hybrid Technica series, comes to mind when using this pen.  If you have ever used one of these Pentels, however, you know that they have a hybrid gel ink system and can take literally HOURS to fully dry.

Never do I ask myself "what size is this pen again?"

I personally think the body is a looker but I have a weird affinity for 70’s and 80’s retro designs (probably because I wasn’t around then).  The blaze orange on jet black pops and draws attention to the size clearly printed on the cap.  I can almost hear cheesy sound effects when I look at the white logo with its gradient lines that run underneath the text.

The barrel has no grip, just smooth plastic running all the way down the length of the pen.  If you have ever written with this sort of design (think Pilot Precise), you know what to expect.  The plastic, while smooth, isn’t slippery and actually adds a good bit of friction when your hand heats up.  While the cap doesn’t snap onto the back audibly when posted, it also doesn’t feel like its going anywhere on its own accord.  No need to worry about flying caps for you nervous pen-flickers out there.

The only drawback I can think of with the OHTO Graphic Liner (and I had to think hard) was the lack of a viewing window to see the ink levels of the pen.  Really though, what graphic pigment-ink pen has this feature anyway?  This is an inexpensive, highly efficient, enjoyable pen to use and I highly recommend it.  I can’t really speak for the larger tip sizes but I did try some of them briefly in the store and they performed very well.  Does anybody have experience with these pens?