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Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 4 Multi-pen System

27 Mar

The Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto is a modular multi-pen system that allows the user to choose from any number of Hi-Tec colors and size, as well as an option for a mechanical pencil or an eraser.  The Coleto body comes empty and the refills are sold separately to allow for personalization.  In my own Coleto 4 I have a green, sky blue, brown, and dark blue refill all in the 0.5mm size.  The 0.5 and 0.4mm Hi-tecs are my favorite because they are still incredibly smooth–the 0.3mm and down start to get a little scratchy on regular paper.

Huge selection of colors and tips to choose from

All four colors are amazing!  I especially love the brown which has a rather purplish hugh under direct light.  They ink up the page flawlessly and work just as well as a larger, standard Hi-Tec refill.  If you are familiar with the slim-knock models, you will recognize the shorter tips.  I have not had any start-up problems to speak of.

Perfect shape for a multi-pen

The body matches the refills in terms of quality and performance.  The grip is subtle yet comfortable: there are color-matching strips of blue rubber that run down the lower end of the pen that add comfort during long writing sessions.  With 4 refills in place, the entire pen weighs very little and feels very solid.  There are also some nice details in the design, such as a cut-crystal look in the plastic of the nosecone.

No play at the tip!

Although the springs are a little weak, the tip snaps firmly into place and there is absolutely no play between the refill and the body.  A common problem with multi-pens (such as the previously reviewed Surari 3c) is that they move around a bit at the point because the tips must be able to reach through the end of the body via four different angles.  The Coleto does not have this problem whatsoever.

Easy to swap out refills!

Swapping out refills is a breeze, thanks to a hinged door at the top of the pen.  Once the door is flipped open, you can easily access the old refills and slide in new ones–without having to unscrew anything.  Also, each refill has its own slide knock that matches its color and has the tip size listed.  This is an extremely user-friendly multi-pen and I can tell a lot of effort was put into the design to make it fun and easy to use.  The pen does go through refills very quickly (like all Hi-Tecs) but I still feel this is a small price to pay for this kind of awesome performance.  I highly recommend the Coleto for anybody who likes pens!  There are so many color and size options that you are bound to find a combination that suits your writing or drawing style.

I got my pen from a local Japanese bookstore, but the pen can be purchased online through JetPens.